Common Terms:
LOLLaughing out loud
ROFLRolling on Floor Laughing
KKSame as Okay
BRBBe Right Back
TTYLTalk to you later
LoggingLogging out of game then back
PCPrice Check
Character Types: (Most Common)
AIEWAll Intelligence Elf Wizard
ASGWAll Strength Giant Warrior
ADETAll Dexterity Elf Thief
AIHAAll Intelligence Human Adventurer
Realm Places:
ADDAscetos Deep Desert  
AnvilThe Anvil  
AscAscetos Desert  
BarThe Barrens  
BrckThe Barracks  
CoDChurch of Damnation  
DevDevon Forest  
DHDaemon Home
DPDragon Pit
DwnThe Downs
DVDrear Valley
EFEmerald Forest  
ESHEnid’s Safe Haven  
FaeryCFaery Caverns  
FenCFenris Caves  
FHPFestering Hate Pool  
FoDForest of Death  
ForgDForgotten Dungeon  
FuFu’sFuloran’s Abode  
HCHoly Caves  
ICImp City  
IHImp Haven  
KFThe Killing Fields  
L-KRdLeinster/Kurz Road  
LabThe Labyrinth  
LHLesser Hive  
NakNaktos’ Morgue  
NLeinNorth of Leinster  
OCOgre Caverns  
RRRatling Run  
SHavSouth Havenwood  
SPSnake Pit  
SwampFafnir’s Swamp  
TargTargoth’s Tomb  
THideTroll’s Hideaway  
ThiefHThieve’s Hole  
THvnTroll’s Haven  
Tor’sTor’s Crypt  
Tulor’sTulor’s Caverns  
USHUndead Stronghold  
WAbodeWarrior’s Abode  
WanWWandering Wood  
WexVWexfordshire Valley  
WHavWest Havenwood  
WildBWild Beyond  
WinWWinter Wold  
ZenZender’s Wood
Realm Items:
AoAAmulet of Adventure
AoDAmulet of Dexterity  
AoEAmulet of Endurance  
AoFWAmulet of Free Will  
AoIAmulet of Intelligence  
AoSAmulet of Strength  
BCBone Crusher  
BoBBracers of Battle
BoCBelt of Carry  
BoNBoots of Nimbility  
BoTBoots of Tripping  
BPoBBreast Plate of Battle
BPBack Pack  
DVDuach’s Vengeance
EAExecutioners Axe  
EBEnid’s Blessing (Spell, cures poison and heals your group; can be replicated with a Perfect Rose)  
ERElementalism Resistant  
GBoNGlowy Boots of Nimbility  
GBoTGlowy Boots of Tripping  
GOD SetA set of items which replicate “God” named spells; Duach Crystal, Elphame’s Scales, Enid’s Perfect Rose, Mabon’s Staff, Despothes Scepter  
HoDHelm of Defense  
HoENHelm of Eternal Nurishment  
HoKHelm of the Kahn  
HoPHelm of the Predator  
HoSHood of Shift  
HoZHelm of Zerk  
ImmoFire Immolation  
MFFMabon’s Forced Flee
(Causes enemies to flee combat)  
MHMages Hat  
MLSMagical Long Sword  
MMMagical Mace  
MRMysticism Resistant  
NBNatural Brown  
NMHNight Mare Helm  
NWNatural White  
NWBoCNatural White Belt of Carry  
OoGHOrb of Greater Heal  
OoHOrb of Holding -or- Orb of Healing  
OoTPOrb of Teleportation  
PoIPlate of Invulnerability  
RoDRing of Dexterity  
RoDesRing of Destruction
RoERing of Endurance  
RoENRing of Eternal Nourishment  
RoIRing of Intelligence
RoPRing of Power
RoSRing of Strength  
SoITShield of Infinite Thought
SoTSword of Tiwaz