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Sunday15South HavenwoodWest Leinster: 3e, 1d
15Thieves HoleDrune: 1s, 11w
15Warriors AbodeDrune: 6s
50The DownsMonmouth: 1n
Avalon Dunes
250Ascetos Deep DesertArimathor: 1w, 15n
250Konge (Seasonal)Currently Disabled
300The FoundrySilverbrook: 19e
500AnvilArimathor: 4w, 25n
500Heroic Imp HavenAsgard: 11e, 3n (1s from Reg. Imp Haven)
Monday5Tor’s CryptEast Leinster: 1e, 7s, 3w
25Emerald ForestCaer Foundry: 1w
50Enid’s Safe HavenSilverbrook: 2n, 6w
50Imp CityCaer Foundry: 9n
50Wandering WoodsAsgard: 1e
Avalon Dark Forest
100Imp HavenAsgard: 11e, 4n
150Drear ValleyMonmouth: 8e
200Ascetos DesertAsgard: 1w,1n or Arimathor: 3e
400Greater HivesAsgard: 3w, 12n
400Heroic Snake PitDrune: 3s, 14e (1s from Regular Snake Pit)
750Dragon PitWen: 6n, 13e
Tuesday1Rat’s NestEast Leinster: 2e, 6s
10West Havenwood
15The LabyrinthEast Leinster: 14e, 3s
20Troll HavenWest Leinster: 5n, 3e, 6n
50Forest of Death
50Devon ForestDrune: 1L
100The BarrensDrune: 4e or Silverbrook: 6e
150Snake PitDrune: 2s, 14e
Avalon Grasslands
150The MazeDrune: 6w, 13n
200Fuloran’s AbodeUsk: 3e, 10s
500Heroic Daemon HomeDrune: 4w, 5n (1s from reg. Daemon Home)
Wednesday15Lesser HiveWest Leinster: 1n, 4w, 3n
50BloodwoodKurz: 1e, 4s
50Faery CavernsWest Leinster: 3e, 3s, 4e
50Wexfordshire ValleyMurias: 1n
75Killing FieldsKurz: 6e
Avalon Heights
150BarracksDrune: 8n, 3e
300Hallow’s End (Halloween Event Dungeon)Currently Disabled
500Heroic Forgotten DungeonKurz: 9e, 6s (1s from regular FD)
750Holy CavesDrune: 11n, 9w
Thursday10Targoth’s TombKurz: 6w
10Troll HideawayKurz: 1e, 7s
35Leinster/Kurz RoadKurz: 1w
40Fenris CaveCaer Faundry: 5s
75The Wild BeyondWen: 4d
100Tulor’s CavernsSilverbrook: 2n, 11eDrune: 4e, enter tent, 1s, 4e
Avalon Mountains
500Heroic BarracksDrune: 7n, 3e
600Heroic The FoundrySilverbrook: 16e, 7n
Friday1The UnknownEL: 1e
5North HavenwoodEast Leinster: 3w, 1n
20Festering Hate PoolWen: 6n, 6e
50Winter WoldUsk: 2d
Avalon Ocean View, Avalon River 
125Naktos MorgueWest Leinster: 3e,4s, 2w
200Undead Stronghold (USH)Wen: 4n, 7w
350Heroic Fuloran’s AbodeUsk: 13s, 8e From Regular FA: 3s, 5e
450Heroic Tulor’s CavernSilverbrook: 1n, 11e (1s from Reg Tulor’s)
Saturday1Ratling RunEast Leinster: 1e
20Ogre CavernsKurz: 1n, 15w; Safer from Caef Fandry 1R/12D/1R
100Church of DamnationWen: 2e, 9s, 1w
100Zender’s WoodsWen: 2e
Avalon Plains
150Daemon HomeDrune: 4w, 6n
150Underground (Prestige Only)Avalon: 1s, then E
200Forgotten DungeonKurz: 9e, 5s
500Heroic Undead StrongholdWen: 3n, 7w
750Fafnir’s SwampWen: 8e
PlannedHeroic Greater Hive