New Players leveling Guide

So you downloaded the client and finally got it installed WTG! The difficult parts out of the way. Youve spent some time messing around trying to create what you hope is a good looking toon?!? and there you stand in your house in your newbie grey gears..what now??

Ok the first thing you want to do is head out your front door and go east ONE screen. Enter the tent and open the trap door in the floor. Here you can level in peace for the first part of your journey.

No matter if your a hitter, thrower or mage class it will not effect you if you should die until you reach level 50!

take your time here… kill everything and pick up everything. You can sell all the items you dont wear to the NPCS back in the tent. and as long as you do not leave the tent you can enter the same part of the cave as you left off. At the end of EACH door is a chest that will normally give you something useful.. By the time you have complete ALL four doors and opened all four chests you should be between level 15 to 20

Now with the money you earnt in the first cave enter the town and buy Troll leather for a mage class, Mytthril for hitter classes and leather for thrower classes. You should have enough gold for a full outfit plus a starter weapon.

Now go back to east linc teleporter and go east one and up 2 then west till you see wolfs and skeletons. kill in this area until your around level 25. work your way around the edge of the town at this point head west. and finaly down. here you can level till lvl 28 / 29.

at this point hitter classes should have enough skill points to buy up to level 5 in their sword skills Long Or two hander… thrower class up to lvl 5 in throwing skills and of course mage class 5 in meditation and still have enough points for thaum and myst spells.

now at this point the hitters should consider small groups of imps (i personally head to Imp Haven where i do the first fight over and over till around lvl 35 then venture deeper into the cave.

Mages should focus on the first two bat fights in Fester pool of Hate until around lvl 40, and gathering more spells.

Hitters: Level 45 should then go to Usk and head east to killing fields where you kill single devils until strong enough to take the smaller groups of 2 and 3. you should be around lvl 150 by this point. (possible to do all this in less that 3 hours). from Level 150 to 200 Kilrogs in the downs. Singles are easy at this level.

Mages: at around 130 your exp in fhp will start to drop…. so now is a good time to move on to groups of devils in winter word and bloodwood. YOU MUST HAVE MASS HOLD AND WRATH OF GODS BY THIS POINT. mass hold the groups and spam cast wrath of gods for good exp. Alternativly you can try your luck on the first 3 to 4 fights in tulors cavern, iF you can find some one to give you a ride there.

Hitters: at around 200 consider heading to the barrens where you can kill more kilrgos and Kingrogs.

Mages: from lvl 200 you should Now beabel to solo Most of tulors…the worst fight is the fury. There is a simple trick to get past this fight with ease, Cast your pixies, feary or other NON moving birds of flight and place this directly in front of the group of furys. Furys will cast fireball trying to kill your help and thus damage them selves very quickly.

Grats! your level 200 in less than 24 hours!

So what now? well that depends. Some people prefer at this point to head out and wonder the world. I personally head for Naktos Moruge where i run that cave over and over till around lvl 300 or 350.

from this point on…its your world !

Good luck and Happy hunting.