Over World Bosses

Ali Khan

Ascetos Desert

Drops: Snake Pit, Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill

Level 1137

Humanoid with NB Sash, paired with Snakes

Bloody Mary

Wild Beyond

Drops: Tulor’s, Heroic Daemon Home, Heroic Tulor’s, Bauble of Skill

Level 197

Banshee in pack of furies



Drops: Festering Hate Pool, Naktos, Bauble of Skill

Level 111

Solo hell hound (Red in color)

Cael the Destroyer

Ascetos Deep Dessert

Drops: Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill

GIANT. Head doesn’t fit on screen.

Master of the Hunt

Avalon Plains

Drops: Warriors, Heroic Imp Haven, Bauble of Skill

Level 765

Wears a wolf helmet grouped with two huntresses

Master of the Maze

The Maze

Drops: Fuloran’s, Heroic Undead Stronghold, Heroic Forgotton Dungeon

Level 1600

Harlequin. Usually wearing TMMB & NightSoul Helm


Zender’s Wood


Caster in green robe

Gaelan Frostbeard

The Downs

Drops: Blacksmith, Heroic Foundry, Bauble of Skill

Dwarf in pack of dwarves

Reanimated Tulor

Winter Wold

Drops: Heroic Tulor, Tulor’s, Festering Hate Pool, Bauble of Skill

Level 1425

Solo devil

The Wanderer

Wandering Woods

Drops: Ezelberoth, Heroic Daemon, Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill

Hooded human NPC


Ratling Run

Drops: Bauble of Skill

Level 15

Cave ratling

Ogre Patriarch

Emerald Forest

Drops: Enid’s, Heroic Imp Haven, Bauble of Skill

Ogre chief in pack of ogres


Dark Forest

Drops: Festering Hate Pool, Thief’s Bauble of Skill

Level 341

Wears dark hood, grouped with 2-3 bandits

Mayline Heartflutter

Devon Forest

Drops: Holy, Enid’s, Heroic Barracks, Bauble of Skill

Level 285

White seraph in a pack of seraphim


Drear Valley

Level 992

Tall minotaur in pack of minos

Emissary of Night

Avalon Dunes

Drops: Underground, Bauble of Skill

Level 1480

Mist mage with reapers and DK’s

Emissary of Light

Avalon Grasslands

Drops: Holy Caves, Heroic Barracks, Heroic Foundry, Bauble of Skill, YMMB Shirt, Enid’s Baldric?

Level 2371

High Priestess in a Mask with Paladins and WoL’s

Desert Madman

The Barrens

Drops: Imp King, Heroic Foundry, Bauble of Skill

Wears a ViH / Jesters Hat.

The Harvester

Killing Fields

Lich with invisible “harvested souls”

The Rat King

Wexfordshire Valley

Level 73

Human, No Shirt, Viking Helmet

Spirit of Kal’Dar

Leinster/Kurz Road

Drops: Heroic Undead Stronghold, Bauble of Skill

Invisible troll caster with entourage


Ocean View

Drops: Heroic Daemon Home, Heroic Foundry, Ezelberoth, Blacksmith, Bauble of Skill

Water elemental full size with a group of ocean elementals


Avalon river

Big Gargoyle


Crystal  Caverns

Drops: Archeologist bounty, Heroic archeologist bounty, Skill bauble

Human with two dwarf bodyguards  


Crystal  Caverns

Drops; Archaeologists’s, Heroic Forgotten, Bauble of Skill

Female with 2 dwarf mercenaries

Reanimated Tulor

Winter Wold

Drops: Heroic Tulor, Tulor’s, Festering Hate Pool, Bauble of Skill

Solo devil