Axes (2 Hands, 3sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Floral Edge153-10721.0Atk +1Ogre Caverns
Executioner’s Axe30066-13427.0Str +1Atk +1Free WillSnake Pit, Snakes Bounty, Dragon Pit
Demonstroke60083-16733.0Atk +1Str +1Armor Piercing +10Necro SDM +100%5% chance to cast ‘Steal Life’ on hitHeroic Snake Pit; Dragon Pit
Clubs (2 Hands, 2sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Heavy-Hander166-13427.0Atk +1Dex -1Fenris Cave
The Bonecrusher30083-16733.0+1 Attack-1 Dex5% chance to proc “Confusion”Greater Hives
Mountain’s Might600104-20942.0Atk +1Str +1Dex -15% chance to cast ‘Crushing Boulder’ on hitGreater Hives
Maces (2 Hands, 2sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Spiked Warmace166-13427.0Atk +1Dex -1Imp CityChest after King, Tor’s Crypt 2 wood rattling fight
Psion’s Morningstar30083-16733.0Atk +1Dex -15% chance to cast ‘Psychic Orb’ on hitFuloran’s AbodeFuloran’s Bounty
Brain Buster600104-20942.0Atk +1Str +1Dex -15% chance to cast ‘Warp Mind’ on hitHeroic Fuloran’s Abode, Dragon Pit
Mauls (2 Hands, 3sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Maul of the Mists153-10721.0Atk +1Targoth’s TombTargoth’s Bounty
Blessed Warhammer30066-13427.0Atk +1Str +1Thaum SDM +50%5% chance to cast ‘Light Dart’ on hitBarracks
The Purge60083-16733.0Atk +1Str +1Armor Piercing +10Thaum SDM +100%5% chance to cast ‘Banishment’ on hitHeroic Barracks, Dragon Pit
Two-Handed Swords (2 Hands, 3sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Mirage Claymore153-10721.0Atk +1Imp CityChest after King ESH Fairy Fight after anagram door Blessed Key Chest
The Wrath30066-13427.0Atk +1Str +1Elem SDM +50%5% chance to cast ‘Spark’ on hitForgotten DungeonCell block “C” bonepileDungeon Enemies
Stormcaller60083-16733.0Atk +1Str +1Armor Piercing +10Elem SDM +100%5% chance to cast ‘Lightning Bolt’ on hitHeroic Forgotten Dungeon; Heroic Barracks
Daggers (1 Hand, 1sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Fangblade140-808.0Atk +1Armor Piercing +5Poison DamageTor’s Crypt
Thief’s Blade30050-1007.5Atk + 1Armor Piercing +10Fire DamageCold DamageTulor’s Caverns
White Needle60063-12512.5Atk +1Dex +1Armor Piercing +15Elem SDM +50%Heroic Tulor’s Cavern; Dragon Pit
Throwing Daggers (1 Hand, infinite sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
The Stinger130-606.0Poison DamageThieve’s Hole Bounty & Thieve’s Hole Chest
Uruz Dagger30038-757.5Atk +1Dodge +1Electric DamageUndead Stronghold Forgotten Dungeon hUSH
Fury Point60047-949.4Atk +1Dex +1Dodge +1Armor Piercing +5hUSH
Fist Weapons (1 Hand, 1sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Imp Talons130-606.0Atk +150% Life StealFestering Hate Pool
Finvarra’s Fist30038-757.5Atk +1Dex +150% Life StealDaemon Home
Fangs of Hell60047-949.4Atk +1Dex +1Necro SDM +50%50% Life SteaHeroic Daemon Home
Long/Broad Swords (1 Hand, 2sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Vulcan’s Edge140-808.0Atk +1Dodge +1Fire DamageNaktos Morgue Undead Stronghold
Sword of Tiwaz30050-10010.0Atk +1Dodge +1Thaum SDM +25%Cold DamageImp Haven Forgotten Dungeon
Save the Queen60063-12512.5Atk +1Str +1End +1Dodge +1Thaum SDM +50%Acid DamageHeroic Imp Haven
Short Swords (1 Hand, 2sq)
ItemLevelDamageWeightAttributesDrop Locations
Mageblade120-404.0Elem/Thaum/Necro SDM +10%Warrior’s Abode
Seer’s Saber30025-505.0Armor Piercing Resistance +5Elem/Thaum/Necro SDM +25%Forgotten Dungeon, Holy Caves
Moonlight Xiphos60031-636.2Str +1Dodge +1Armor Piercing Resistance +10Elem/Thaum/Necro SDM +50%Holy Caves